Burnt Coils PodsWe’re all familiar with the unsavory burnt flavor of a vape coils or pods burn gone bad. The burnt flavor often makes us cough or cause an uncomfortable sensation in our throats which tells us it’s time to purchase new pods burn. Coils are inherently disposable and they need to be changed periodically because once the coil is burnt, unhealthy chemicals are released which can impact our health negatively. That said, vape coils do not need to burn so fast as there are simple and effective ways to make them last longer and save yourself the unnecessary extra expenses.

How to make your vape coils last longer you ask? Just follow these steps and make them a habit!

  • Wait for 15 minutes before you vape from a newly installed pods burn. Why?

Because when you first install a new coil, the wick has to go from being completely dry to completely soaked.

  • Do not chain smoke nonstop. Why?

Because you need to ensure that your wick can re-saturate with juice so it does not dry out and burn the coil.

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    Keep your pods burn full of juice. Why?

Because the juice has to be above a certain level to reach the wicking ports and keep them soaked which will prevent them from burning out.

  • Use vape juices that are not too sweet. Why?

Because the sweeteners added to the vape juice can clump up and the heat can caramelize and harden the juice.

Furthermore, depending on the device you are using, you might be able to utilize simple vape technologies to protect your coil and make it last you longer. These include temperature control features, smart mode that allow you to control the wattage, and auto-prime coils.

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