Disposable Vape PodsDisposable vapes are vaping devices designed for a single pod use and they must be thrown out once the device runs out of battery. At first thought you might wonder why would someone choose a disposable device that they have to replace every few days when regular vape devices are more affordable in the long run. However upon closer inspection into the appeal of disposable vape devices, you too might decide that they are a right fit for you.

Disposable vape devices come in a sealed package, pre-charged and pre-filled with a variety of juice options, the most popular of which are mint, grape, mango, cola, and tobacco.

Why are disposable vapes so popular right now?

  • No maintenance required

Unlike regular vapes, disposable vapes do not require charging the device, refilling the pods, replacing the coil, or dealing with the unsavory flavor of burnt vapor. You simply unseal the package, enjoy your vaping experience, and dispose of the device once it runs out of battery.

  • No commitment required
    Disposable Vape Pods

How many times have you purchased a juice flavor that did not turn out the way you wanted and you felt compelled to keep using it until it runs out because you made a commitment once you purchased it? Well, with a disposable device you can easily and quickly switch between any flavors you like since the entire device would be replaced in a few days time.

  • Perfect for new vapers

Getting the hang of vaping is not an immediate feat as it takes a while to learn how to make the coil last longer , which flavors you enjoy most, and how to gauge the frequency in which you need to charge your device as per your personal use which makes disposable vapes a hassle-free and convenient option for anyone who is new to vaping!

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