Vapes Vs E-Cigarettes: How Are They Different?While people commonly use the terms vapes and e-cigarettes interchangeably, they are actually two different products and learning the difference is worthwhile if you are trying to figure out which one may be best for you.

E-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes, are devices that mimic traditional cigarettes in size and feel. The main focus of an e-cigarette is portability being practical to be used discretely everywhere. However, due to the smaller battery size, e-cigarettes generally output less vapor, and need e-juices of high nicotine content in order to deliver satisfactory performance.

E-Juices with high nicotine content (12MG & 18MG) and Nicotine Salts (3oMG & 50MG) are suitable to be used with e-cigarettes. Luckily, most flavors are made in more than one version that are suitable for both e-cigarette and vapes.

Vape Devices, in the other hand, are designed to deliver maximum performance possible in terms of vapor and flavor production. They leverage the availability of a large high performance batteries to produce the best performance possible and the ultimate user satisfaction.

Due to performance efficiency, vape devices can deliver satisfactory performance with e-juices of low nicotine content (3MG, 6MG).

Vapes Vs E-Cigarettes: How Are They Different?; Vapes In BahrainAlthough generally speaking, e-cigarette and vape function in a similar way, there are important difference that may guide your purchasing decisions and those include:

  • Design

E-cigarettes are designed to be practical, portable and discrete, which allows the user the freedom to carry them and use them comfortable anywhere. However, vapes devices have also been evolving to be smaller in size, they are still not as small as e-cigarettes.

  • Flavor options

There was a time when e-cigarettes flavors were extremely limited to a handful few, but this is no longer the case. Most e-juices are now produced in two versions, one for vapes, and the other for e-cigarettes.

  • Flavor and vapor production

Performance is naturally better with vape devices compared to e-cigarettes. However, e-cigarettes have been evolving rapidly in this department and the line is getting increasingly blurred. Most e-cigarettes nowadays are able to deliver excellent performance, and for most users, the convenience of using an e-cigarette can make up for the difference in performance.

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