Dear KSA Customers

As you might have been aware some orders placed in July have been delayed. The reason had been the uncertainty of KSA customs law regarding vape shipments which were modified more than once during that period. As a result, many shipments to KSA during that period had been jeopardized.

We apologize if your shipment had been affected. The situation was completely beyond our control. We had been working very hard to solve it and finally the issue has come to an end.

We are glad to announce that shipping to KSA has finally resumed normally. Moreover, please note shipping prices for KSA had been updated to include the newly imposed 15% VAT. Customers will not be required to pay anything above what they already paid to receive their orders.

If you had ordered previously and still did not receive your shipment, please note we are working hard to replace all shipments and you shall receive an update very soon.

Thanks for understanding.