The beauty of the vape industry lies in the indefinite variety of creations when it comes to e-juices and the ever-evolving art of vape e-juice mixology that never seizes to amaze us with its daring extent of experimentation. As part of our commitment to bring you the highest quality products and the most interesting releases, we have launched our monthly series to feature the latest and greatest releases.

In this series, we survey our team and customers to learn about the best e-juice flavors they cannot get enough of, and the flavors they are experimenting with and absolutely falling in love with! 

In the month of May, a classic contender has retained its place as a fan-favorite, and two new wild creations have topped the charts and voted “most interesting” flavors. Read on and find out who made it to our May Staff Choice list!

Mega Grape Ice by Grand E-Liquids

Since its launch, the Mega lineup by Grand E-liquids has quickly become a reliable brand in the market as their products are characterized by consistency, high quality, and strong flavors. This iced version of the classic grape e-juice delivers an authentic grape flavor while still maintaining a playful grape-flavored pop soda undertone. 

Where this e-juice product stands out however, is through the addition of an icy flavor that produces a cool and breezy sensation as you inhale and another divine sensation as you exhale that makes you feel as though ice is smoothly making its way alongside your breath.

If you have a sweet tooth, enjoy classic flavors, you need not look beyond this best-selling gem of an e-juice. 

If you’ve tried Mega Grape Ice by Grand E-Liquids, Kindly leave a comment and let us know what you think! 

Gummy Mint by Gummy E-Liquid

Mint is undoubtedly a fan-favorite because of its ability to produce a smooth inhalation sensation due to its relaxing effect on breathing tubes. With many great mint e-juices in the market, releasing a new mint-based flavor capable of capturing our attention is no easy feat, and yet this is precisely what Gummy E-Liquid has achieved with this delicious e-juice release. While the Gummy Mint e-juice delivers the strong mint flavor we would expect from the product, it does so with a creative gummy twist. Everyone knows there is no better way to enjoy mint than in mint gum that combines the herb’s breezy overtone with soft sweetness that always leaves us wanting more, and this e-juice is not any less addictive! 

If you enjoy chewing on crisp mint gum, we promise you that this flavor will live up to your expectations with the impeccably identical flavor profile this e-juice delivers with each hit. Leave us a comment here and tell us what you think about it!

Frozen Mood Man by Mood E-Liquids

Excite your taste buds with an explosion of fruity flavors with this brand new icy flavor from the Mood lineup. This e-juice product offers a tantalizing mixture of watermelon, pomegranate and blueberries. Not only does it feature those three top rated fruity flavors, but it also comes with a hint of cherry that you can taste in every puff.

What we found most interesting with this e-juice is the felt distinctiveness of each fruity ingredient as it shines through and makes its delicious presence known without overshadowing other flavors or overwhelming your taste buds with excessive sweetness. It hits just right and it hits every single time! We’d love to hear from you here if you’ve tried Frozen Mood Man Salt.

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