With many vape best e-juices and flavors entering the market on a regular basis, we at Vape Club are constantly exploring different flavors to offer our customers the best and highest quality products out there.

In this series, we will be surveying our team and customers to learn about their favorite all-day vape flavors every month. We will be sharing the results along with a brief description about each flavor. Our criteria is simple, participants will vote their favorite the best e-juices that they’ve been vaping during the month, and the top contenders 3 will be covered.

The month of April has been very exciting with so many interesting releases of flavors and devices. We have had a wide array of voted the best e-juices, but 3 juices dominated our results. Read on to find out about them.

Frozen Cherry Cola by Sam’s Vapes

This brand new flavor offers three of the most popular features our clients absolutely love: a cola flavor, a fruity undertone, and an icy finish. What stands out about the frozen cherry cola vape juice from Sam Vapes is the subtle sweetness that makes it an easy choice for daily regular use.

Flavors with more pronounced sweetness are quite popular but users often report that after an extended use, the sugary taste can get a bit overwhelming. Luckily this is not something you’d experience with Sam Vapes latest flavor. Moreover, the subtle yet satisfying sweetness of this juice makes it less likely that the sweetener would caramelize and burn the coil as quickly as do other sweet juices.

If you’ve tried Frozen Cherry Cola by Sam’s Vapes, Kindly leave a comment and let us know what you think! If you didn’t, we highly recommend it for everyone!


BHD 6.000

VCT by Ripe Vapes with best Tobacco E-Juices

Ripe Vapes’ most popular VCT is undoubtedly present in the list. The VCT Collection stood resilient as the top choice among staff and customers and it is easy to see why. VCT has enjoyed a cult status since being released, this vape best e-juice perfectly balances tobacco flavor with the subtle sweetness of vanilla and custard that no flavor overpowers the other.

The best e-juices comes in a variety of flavors based on the original formula; the original, chocolate, cinnamon, and strawberry.  If you enjoy tobacco flavors and are looking for a product that’s soft on the throat and offers subtle sweetness and unique flavors unmatched by other similar products, look no further than the VCT Collection. Leave us a comment here  and let us know what you think about it!


BHD 6.000

Cookies & Milk by Mood E-Liquids

For those that are looking for a savory dessert vape, Cookies and Milk by Mood E-liquid is just what you need. The best e-juices was voted by a handful of participants and it defiantly worth a spot on our list.

Cookies & Milk offers loads of tasty goodness with every puff, boasting just the right amount of milk, cookies, and hints of vanilla sweetness. A mixture of flavors that tastes as good as it sounds, and comes together to create the perfect all day vape.

Check out our extensive collection of vape devices, pod system, and best e-juices and let us know how we can help you make an informed choice!