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Welcome to Vape Club, Vapers best destination to shop and enjoy everything vape related.
Established in 2017 in the kingdom of Bahrain Vape Club quickly grew to be Bahrain’s favorite vape store with branches spread all over the country. Vape Club offers the most unique shopping experience and atmosphere, offering the largest variety of the newest and top-quality e-liquids, vapes, e-cigarettes, and vape accessories for the best prices possible.

In 2020 we decided to open our online store to cater for larger crowds internationally, and offer them the same service level our customers loved. We took extra steps to tailor our service to suit customers in different countries with different customs laws regarding the import of e-shisha. As a result, our service expanded to include even the most challenging countries such as Oman, UAE, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, KSA and much more.
All of our goods are stored to preserve them at their optimal conditions. Our stores are air conditioned 24/7 to create the prefect environment to preserve the products until they reach the end user. All packages are professionally wrapped and packed to ensure products withstand the harsh shipping environment until they reach their final destination.
We offer a wide variety of products sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Malaysia, and China. We have also launched our brand name (ZEDIGN) producing top shelf e-juices, vape devices and accessories.
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All your vaping needs are now just a few clicks away with Vape Club. Score the latest and greatest vape e-liquid and hardware at the best quality and for the best price. Explore all kinds of E-Cigarettes, E-Juice, Vape Mods, and Accessories. Read what other users are saying about the products and join the discussion with your opinion by rating or replying to other users.
If you have any questions, simply click the Whatsapp icon to chat with us, our friendly customer service staff are more than happy to assist 24/7.
We ship worldwide with a network of reputable shipping service providers for whom customer satisfaction is the top priority. We cover countries such as UAE, Oman, Iraq, Egypt, India and much more.

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فيب عمان مسقط ظفار وادي السير اليرموك
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فيب الامارات دبي ابوظبي الشارقة عجمان
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New Devices
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  • Bahrain VapeNew E-Juices
Vaporesso Osmall Kit

Vaporesso Osmall Kit

$ 18.550
Vaporesso Osmall pod kit is a compact and simple to use vape kit. Less than 8.5cm in length it is
VEIIK Airo Kit

Airo Kit

$ 21.200
The Airo Pod System by VEIIK is a great, portable unit featuring a sleek, compact chassis with ergonomic stylings. The
Wismec R80

Wismec R80 Kit With Adapter

$ 37.100
Have you ever imagined that a vape device can serve as both a pod mod and a regular mod? Now
SMOX Novo X Black Stabwood

SMOK Novo X Kit

$ 26.500
SMOK Novo X is Here!! The Novo X is is an updated version from SMOK Novo family, upgrading functionality and performance to
Featured E-Juices
  • Bahrain VapeFeatured E-Juices
  • Bahrain E-Cigarette IconFeatured Devices

Graham Slam Salt 30ML

$ 15.900
Sometimes, we crave rich and decadent desserts that consists of complex layers of flavor. However, we often find our taste

Bazooka – Blue Raspberry Sour Straws 30ML

$ 15.900
The unique and perfect flavor of a blue raspberry paired into a candy form that consist of those famous sour

Bazooka – Watermelon Sour Straws Ice 30ML

$ 15.900
Watermelon that hangs out in a soured candy base and introduces Menthol into the mix.  This watermelon doesn’t include seeds
Disposable E-Cigs
  • Disposable E-cigsDisposable E-Cigs

STIG – Tropical Mango

$ 18.550
Mango flavored Stigs. Stig Pods are dsposable, prefilled and precharged ultra-portable devices. Each pod delivers about 300 puffs, sold in packs of

Salt Stick – Lychee Ice

$ 15.900
Iced Lychee flavored Salt-Stick disposable pods. Each pod delivers approximately 320 puffs, each pack contains 3 pods.

Vapo Disposable Pods – Kiwi

$ 18.550
Kiwi flavored Vapo Disposable Pods. Vapo pods are precharged and prefilled e-cigarettes to be used and disposed when battery runs out.

STIG – Mango Bomb Iced

$ 18.550
Iced Mango flavored Stigs. Stig Pods are dsposable, prefilled and precharged ultra-portable devices. Each pod delivers about 300 puffs, sold in